Alaina Pinto

Alaina graduated from The University of Akron in May of 2014. She was a member of Z-TV for three years, starting on the Sports Report team and then on-air talent for Lights, Camera Akron and finally ended on the promotions team. Alaina was also a tour guide in the Office of Admissions and actively involved in Alpha Delta Pi, her senior year she was president of the sorority.

Alaina says she owes so much of her experience to Z-TV. She said she has the right skills to start a career in broadcast journalism and she currently the morning reporter at the Fox and ABC affiliate station in the Burlington, Vermont market. She covers stories in Vermont, New Hampshire, and up-state New York.

If you watch Fox 8, you’ll get the reference when she describes her career as the “Kickin’ It With Kenny” of Vermont. The biggest story she has covered so far was when the prisoners escaped from a prison in New York and were on the run for weeks.

“Good luck to future graduates from UofA hoping to dive into the TV world!”


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Hi, I am Katie. I'm from Pittsburgh, I started blogging about a month ago and haven't been able to give it up quite yet. You'll most likely find me in various places of Pittsburgh drinking a La Croix.
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