Our Producers

(From left to right) Shannon Shonk, Mikyla Wilfred, (lower) Ger Vang, Adam Bonomo, Juan Contreras, Ashley Ritter, Daniel Cermak, Jamie Duran, and Cody Ricci
Here at Z-TV, we work to ensure the highest quality video production our facility can offer. Our facility is designed and created by students, for students. Our producers take on total responsibility for all of the content of their shows, from the idea stages to the finalized program aired on the UA Cable Channel 45.1. 

Here are our producers and directors for the 2015-2016 School Year:

Akron After Hours- Mikyla Wilfred

Sports Report- Daniel Cermak

300 Seconds of Science- Adam Bonomo

Lights Camera Akron- Cody Ricci

Lowdown- Shannon Shonk

Goofing Off!- Ger Vang

Program Director- Jamie Duran

Promotions Director- Ashley Ritter


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